Our Management

Derrick Seeto

Angel Investor

Derrick Seeto is a President and Franchise Director at Parlour Group Pte Ltd, an upmarket beauty salon, nail & waxing boutique, distribution, software development and beauty school. As a President and Franchise Director, he successfully manages all the companies branches covering operations, IT services, new technology adoption, finance, online marketing and business process optimisation. Today, Pink Parlour has over 14 years of success and has franchise and brand owned outlets across Southeast Asia in Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. With over 10 years experience in beauty industry, he has personally delivered eCommerce, Content Management Systems, customised web applications, email marketing strategies and solutions for MNCs and private clients by integrating his strong IT expertise into automating and streamlining the business, enabling him to run Lookaftermi and grow to become a leading marketplace platform using subscription-based model.

Budiyono Salim

Chief Technology Officer

Budiyono Salim serves as Chief Technology Officer. Previously, he worked as a Chief Technology Officer for a travel site. As a Chief Technology Officer, he builds a website, builds engineering team for Product Development, designs and builds API to be consumed across applications, and designs Core Architecture to be scalable.

Lookaftermi Team

Dayan Ramly Ramadhan

Backend Engineer

Regina Khoirunnisa

Content Manager