Our Management

Budiyono Salim

Chief Technology Officer

Budiyono Salim serves as Chief Technology Officer. Previously, he worked as a Chief Technology Officer for a travel site. As a Chief Technology Officer, he builds a website, builds engineering team for Product Development, designs and builds API to be consumed across applications, and designs Core Architecture to be scalable.

Dayan Ramly Ramadhan

Full Stack Engineer

Dayan Ramly Ramadhan is a Full Stack Engineer at Lookaftermi, where he handles systems engineering, all the work of databases, servers and users. Besides, he designs website and creates responsive design for mobile web and mobile Application. As a Full Stack Engineer, he is familiar with PHP frameworks, Python, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Angular.js and Jquery.

Dayan is studying for a Master’s Degree in Computer Science at Gadjah Mada University. Previously, he has worked with some reputable tech-savvy companies as a frontend developer. He develops various front-end applications, mostly based on Bootstrap Frameworks, designs eye-catching templates for website and converts them to HTML and CSS codes.

Regina Khoirunnisa

Business Development

Regina Khoirunnisa is an Account Manager at Lookaftermi, where Regina acquires merchants throughout Jakarta, Singapore, Manila and Kuala Lumpur from start to finish, including collecting merchant database, getting in touch with merchants, writing articles and educating merchants about the benefit of digital advertising to generate more leads and subscription model, as it is something new.

Regina was graduated from President University. She is passionate about technology and a digital marketing enthusiast. During her undergraduate study, Regina did an internship at a service-based company. She writes articles, writes press releases and helps her team in digital marketing strategy.