About us

Lookaftermi is a subscription-based marketplace platform providing various categories, from food, beauty, entertainments to education for a fixed monthly fee. Our goal is to provide a better lifestyle for everybody. We allow our customers to search and book for booking salon, buffet, playgrounds, workshops, seminar, course and classes.

With the invention of this website, our group of experts and market analysts has thought it best to operate a subscription based marketplace. This is an avenue for both Lookaftermi and our clients to make the most use of this incredible venture. Our goal is to align both our brand and merchants towards a common goal that is centered on our customers receiving the maximum value for their subscription because we understand that a satisfied merchant has the propensity to renew subscriptions at an increased rate as long as the need arises.

We are not oblivious to the fact that there are inconsistencies in purchases displayed by clients who nonetheless enjoy the services rendered, which is often due to their busy schedules and other unforeseen circumstances thus the subscription based service is established to eliminate and ease on one more thing off your to do list. We will do the remembering for you. It further allows us to track our merchants who are either in the subscribed or unsubscribed status.

Furthermore, with subscription services, a onetime product sale can be converted to a consistent product or service sale which in turn builds our brand loyalty. Our merchants will find that subscriptions based service makes purchase all the more convenient especially when they patronize Lookaftermi on a regular basis. It also comes with the benefit of saving money that would have been spent on single purchases and time is also saved in the process of repeated deliveries. With our subscription based service, more expensive services and products are even easier to pay for because they are often paid for over a longer time frame which accommodates the opportunity of discounts.

As earlier mentioned the subscription model allows us to know the number of active members we have per time and helps us to know the inactive merchants which enables us to reach out and know what we can do to change that status and further facilitate customer relationship management.

With the subscription based we as a service providing company are enabled to determine and predict our revenue easily and accurately. Subscription based marketplace gives us access to financial information needed in running the business and serving you better. With adequate information, proper investment strategies can be designed for the growth of the company and employing of great service providers. The consistent revenue influx will give Lookaftermi a better valuation of the business. In addition, risks and uncertainties associated with this venture are reduced significantly.

Agreeing with the reality that human needs are insatiable and constantly changing, the subscription based service allows us to monitor and adjust to the ever changing requirements of our merchants which does a lot in building and establishing trust and confidence in us and our services provided. We are simply empowered to render the best possible service per time. With the subscription based service Lookaftermi is obligated to constantly perform excellently well at all times as there is no room to give our merchants a reason to rethink their subscriptions.